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Amaterasu, Sun Goddess  

Other names:  Iduna, Idunn, Ithun, Y'dun

Origin:   Northern Europe, Scandinavian


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Hrana's Notes

I painted Idun in 1999 for Llewellyn's 2001 Goddess Calendar. She is the calendar's cover.

from Goddesses and Heroines
  Exerpt from Goddess & Heroines by Patricia Monaghan
[Used by permission. This text is NOT included in the Goddess Oracle]

In the scandinavian eddas, this goddess performed the same function as Hebe did for the Greeks: she fed the gods magical food that kept them young and hale.  The Norse gods and goddesses were not immortal; they relied on Idunn's magical apples to survive.  But once the evil Loki let Idunn and her apples fall into the hands of the enemies of the gods, the giants who lived in the fortress of Jotunheim.  The divinities immediately began to age and weaken.  Charged with reclaiming the goddess of youth and strength, Loki flew to Jotenheim in the form of a falcon, turned Idunn into a walnet, and carried her safely home.

Back to TOP Text from Patricia Monaghan's The New Book of Goddesses and Heroines
Published by Llewellyn, copyright 1997.   Used by permission of the author.

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