Ordering Goddess Oracle kits - details

You can order Goddess Oracle Deck & Book kits directly from Hrana -- She'll sign the book, with an inscription, if you'd like, and mail it to you first class.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery (faster delivery methods are available, please inquire).

Deck & Book kits come in an attractive gift/display box, and cost $32 each, including Shipping & handling.

Quantity Discounts on Goddess Oracle kits:

1 G.O. is $32 US ppd total (US)
2 G.O.'s are $62 ppd total (US)
3 G.O.'s are $90 ppd total (US)
4 G.O.'s are $120 ppd total (US)
5 -9 G.O.'s are $28 each ppd (US)
10+ G.O.'s are $25 each ppd (US)

Make your check or money order for $32 payable to Hrana Janto; MAIL your order and payment to:

Please note tht personal checks take 2 weeks to clear --
this is
BEFORE your order is shipped.

Other FASTER forms of payment --
Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal are described here.

Hrana Janto
P.O.Box 18
Tillson, NY 12486

. Beautiful Art Prints are also available of most of the Goddesses -- See the Art Print page.

.  Also available: Goddess Greeting Cards.

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