Beasties of the Night

Solo Exhibition: Sculpture by the late painter Martin Janto,
made after losing his sight

On display January 16 through February 28 at

The Waldoboro Window
9 Friendship St., Waldoboro Maine, 04572.

The Waldoboro Window is a non-commercial space


untitled, 1989 soapstone


untitled, 1989 soapstone


"Masks" 1989 soapstone


untitled, 1988 alabaster


"Cindy" 1985 soapstone


untitled, 1989 soapstone


untitled, 1987 soapstone


untitled, 1987 soapstone


"Daemon 1" 1989 soapstone


untitled, 1989 soapstone



The Waldoboro Window
is available for free viewing 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

It consists of 2 storefront windows,

located at 9 Friendship St., in downtown Waldoboro, Maine.

Individuals and groups are encouraged to submit ideas and proposals for shows at this space.

The installations should be site-specific, that is, they are to be made for the space, and should convery a sense of theatre, as opposed to the linear, static, presentation which one may find in most galleries.

There is no charge for exhibitors for the space.

Interested parties should contact Scott Davis at 207-832-7318
or write Mr. Davis at P.O. Box 1314 Waldoboro, ME 04572

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