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Cub Meets Crone

Sculpture by Phyllis Janto
The Waldoboro Window

"Crone" The Waldoboro Window (info) featured the wood sculpture of Phyllis Janto, a resident of Washington, Maine, through the month of May, 1999.  In this exhibition, the archetypal figures of "Crone" and "Cub" gaze at each other through the glass of their respective windows, creating a dramatic tableau of union, separate yet joined together.

The Crone, once disparaged as the older woman beyond sexual appeal and child-bearing usefulness, is slowly regaining importance as the population ages. This concept is a complex one, embodying not only underlying fears of approaching death but also the acceptance of it. In many ancient traditions, the crone was the wise woman, keeper of sacred truths, healer and seer. In this sculpture, the crow, symbol of her inner-most being, flies out from her heart.

The Cub, on the other hand, represents the youthful phase of life. Qualities evoked by the cub are innocence, awkwardness, energy and potential personal power. "Cub" holds the adult lion in its heart; the large paws are the manifestation of self-to-be. In the Window, past, present, and future co-exist.

Phyllis Janto has been a sculptor for over forty years, and maintains a studio and gallery at her home in Washington.

The Waldoboro Window is a non-commercial alternative space, located at 9 Friendship Street, Waldoboro ME. Hours are 7/24/365. For further information, call 207-832-7318.

You can view Phyllis' more recent work at the Downtown Art Gallery site, and shows through the Davistown Museum and Maine Artists Guild.

Also shown at the Waldoboro Window: Sculpture by Martin Janto.


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