PRINTABLE Order Form for Hrana Janto's Goddess Gallery
PRINTS     Specify which Goddesses you'd like, and the size of print
Goddess Name
Qty. Small, $20 Sm. Framed, $35 Qty. Large, $40 Total*
*(see table for quantity discount prices  
Goddess Oracle Kits    x  $32 each*  
108 Yoga Poses Book    x  $14 each
Children's Books (specify which) x $7 or 3 for $20
Goddess Greeting Cards
Card Set Description: Number of sets at $20/set Total:
Cerridwen cards w/envelopes, set of 12    
Skadi cards w/envelopes, set of 12    
6 Cerridwen + 6 Skadi cards, w/12 envelopes    
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Ordering Instructions for and Hrana's Goddess Gallery


To order by PHONE, please print and fill out this Order Form to collect all your necessary information, including Credit Card info.   Phone in your order to me at 845-417-5346.  Please spell your name so I can get the spelling exactly correct, and your email too, so I can email you for any missing information.  The message length maximum is 2 minutes, at which point it stops recording, so please be brief and speak clearly.


Orders can be e-mailed, but only when paying with PayPal (email is insecure!)   Starting with the Text Order Form, fill in your order information, calculate your total cost, then send the text to .  Then visit the PayPal site ( ), and send your payment to


Mailing in a printed hardcopy this Order Form allows you to pay with personal check, credit card, or money order.  Simply print and fill out your order form, including your contact information (in case Hrana needs to contact you about your order).  Enclose your payment with your order.


  Quantity Ordered
Product 1 2 ~ 4 5 ~ 9 10+
Small (8x10") Prints: $20 $15 $13 $12.50 each
Large (13x19") Prints: $40 $30 $25 $20.00 each
PRICES AS OF December 2006

The discount for each print size applies to all prints bought at that size regardless of the image.

Example: three 8x10" Athena prints cost 3 x $15 = $45,  just the same as one Athena, one Bast, and one Cerridwen, all 8x10, also cost a total of $45.

Two Small and one Large = 2x$15 + $40 = $70
One Small and two Large = $20 + 2x$30 = $80

Quantity Discounts on Goddess Oracle kits:

  Quantity Ordered
Product 1 2 3 4 5 ~ 9 10+
Goddess Oracle kit $32

($31 each)

($30 each)
($30 each)
$28 each $25 each
PRICES AS OF December 2006