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Cover art for 2 new SRA readers
I've just completed these two short books for McGraw-Hill's SRA reading program.

How Thor Got His Hammer Back
The wild misadventures of Norse gods Thor and Loki as they try to recover Thor's magical hammer. Cover and 13 interior illustrations.

The Slave and the Lion
Ancient Greek fable of Androclus and the Lion he befriends.
Cover and 9 interior illustrations.

Cover art of "King for a Day"

King for a Day

A previous reader for Pearson / Scott Foresman, part of their early-reading curriculum for 2001. Text is by Meish Goldish.

Cover and 13 interior illustrations.

Fairies in the woods

The Faerie Dance

The little people love to dance and sing, skipping and dancing in little faerie rings amid the moss and grass, under the bushes and behind the hedgerows. They cavort with the plant spirits and know all the animals of the forest.

This illustration was originally the cover for an issue of FATE magazine.

Illustration for Cricket Magazine story: Nothing At All

Looking for the Dragon

This is one of a series of illustrations for the story "Nothing At All", printed in the children's magazine Cricket.

In this scene, the lead character of the story, a simple country girl, watches the glow of fires started by the fearsome dragon who is threatening her village.

Bunnies on ICE Bunnies frolick on a frozen pond

What can I say? Kids are nuts about little furry bunnies.


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Mythic Alphabet

Several samples from a Fantasy Alphabet which I completed many years ago. It received the honor of being published in the typographic trade journal U&lc (Upper and lower case), as well as a subset being exhibited at a Society of Illustrators Show.

The complete alphabet is available as a group print, as individual prints, or as the entire set of originals.

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