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Hrana's Illustration Media and Techniques

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Layered Watercolor & Pastel

Used on most of the paintings in the Goddess Gallery.  On illustration board, Hrana builds a tonal layer in pencil, followed by multiple layers of watercolor and dusted pastel pigments.

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Brush Stroke

Much like a cross between watercolor and calligraphy, evoking form with a few simple strokes.
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Water-based pigments on sized watercolor paper; wash, wet, and dry brush techniques are used.
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Pen & Ink

Ink applied to Bristol paper, usually using Rapidograph pens.  Often used for detailed drawing.
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Goache, Egg Tempra, & other historical techniques

Hrana has studied a variety of styles from throughout the ages, and has created illustrations from many different cultures and epochs.

See also Calligraphy & Illinimation.

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Pencil / Graphite

Pencil on paper or illustration board.

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B/W Watercolor

Monochromatic watercolor technique, painting of Cailleach-Bheur. 
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Calligraphy & Illumination

Hrana has studied calligraphy and historical techniques for many years, and enjoys combining letterforms with her art.


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