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Fey Fantasy Art Foils

These are 4 of my most "fey" images turned into silvery confections, as signed "Foil" prints.  These Foil prints measure 8.25 X 5.25 inches and they reflect light every which way.

Scans don't do these cards justice, so we've photographed and also video-taped them in motion.

For kids, imps & other Fey-folk. Enjoy!

More Fantasy images on my Fantasy Gallery page and also my Goddess Gallery.

Titania and Oberon meet
The Fairy on the Flying Unicorn

Faerie Ring

Originally commissioned as a cover for Fate magazine.
See the original illustration here.

Fairy Unicorn

Book cover for "Enchantment of the Faerie Realm"
published by Llewellyn Publications.
(See the book cover, or the full image)

Pegasus and Medusa Titania and Oberon meet


See the non-foil version of this image here, and also the original painting, "The Birth of Pegasus" featuring Medusa.

Goddess Vila & Unicorn

In my original painting, there's no unicorn, but the woman, the wolf, the falcon (wings) and the white horse -- are all aspects of the Goddess Vila.


Individual Foils:

$8 Including shipping & handling
Any 2 Art Foils:

$12Including shipping & handling
Any 4 Art Foils:
(specify qty of each image, 4 total)
$18Including shipping & handling
Any 10 Art Foils:
(specify qty of each image, totally 10)

$36Including shipping & handling
Any 20 Art Foils:
(specify qty of each image, totally 20)

$60Including shipping & handling

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